About Our Teams

In a word: competitive. We are a professional adult soccer club with teams playing nationally, regionally, and locally. All of our teams are coached, have regular practice, and play to win at all skill levels.

Team Types & Where We Play

Team Types

We play 7-a-side (7v7) and 11-a-side (11v11) soccer with mens and coed teams.

Our 7v7 recreational teams play in our own club league, the Del Rey City Soccer League (DRCSL); the Santa Monica Adult Soccer League (SMASL) in Santa Monica, California; and the South Bay Sports Soccer League in Redondo Beach, California.

Since 2010 our 11v11 recreational teams have played in the South Bay Sports soccer league in Redondo Beach, California. In 2014 we added an 11v11 team which plays in the SMASL.

At the highest level, we have our U.S. 4th Division National Premier Soccer League team and our “5th Division” United Premier Soccer League team.

Current Teams & Structure

Recreational Teams

We have 10 established teams and several select teams. Our established teams are ranked as 1st Team, 2nd Team, 3rd Team, etc. with the 1st Team being the top team in a given group of teams.

Our select teams, however, are not ranked in the same manner as they are typically formed for short term purposes such as tournaments and do NOT carry the same roster from season to season.

Club Honors

2014 Manchester League Group B Summer Champions
Santa Monica Adult Soccer League | DRC Imperial
2012 LA Premier League B Fall Champions
South Bay Sports Soccer League | DRC Armada
2011 Setanta League Summer Champions
Santa Monica Adult Soccer League | Del Rey City
2010 Sevilla League Spring Champions
Santa Monica Adult Soccer League | Del Rey City
2009 Serrano League Summer Champions
Santa Monica Adult Soccer League | Del Rey City

National Presence

In March 2014 the club began playing in the U.S. 4th Division when DRCSC joined the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), giving the club a national presence for the first time.

Regional Presence

United Premier Soccer League (UPSL)

Del Rey City S.C. is now a member of the UPSL and begins their first season in September of 2014. The UPSl is affiliated with the USSF and is a “5th Division” regional league with teams from Los Angeles, Orange County, and Las Vegas.

Local Presence

Los Angeles Soccer Leagues

Marina del Rey, California is our home and our teams, therefore, play mostly on LA’s Westside and South Bay. In 2014 & 2015 we intend to place teams in more leagues throughout the LA basin and are considering a move into the Valley as well. High on our list of leagues to join are the Los Angeles Municipal Soccer League in the Los Feliz/Glendale area and the LA Premier League in El Segundo.

National Premier Soccer League

National Premier Soccer League